Create a Minimalist Style with Square Skirtingboards

Minimalism has been gaining fans in the past few years, this is a decoration styles that reduces the number of objects on your house giving a more important place to specific pieces. The fact that you are decorating with less does not mean that you will not add skirtingboards, on the contrary, these pieces could give the final touch to a room.

Skirting boards are known for their round designs but a square model is simple an aesthetically pleasing.

A Size for Each Occasion

Because of their simple design, you can choose to have a higher skirtingboards. It is not possible to do the same with a round one since they already have a predefined height. You could also choose the thickness but keep in mind that if it is too thick it will lose the simple appearance you were trying to achieve in the first place.

Good for Any Style

Even if you are not trying to get a minimalist style, square skirtingboards are a good option for you. A square design will adapt to any decoration plan you may have, a simple skirtingboard will blend in and will not steal from the other decorations in the room.

A Dream Team

When you are renovating a room you must keep in mind several factors and one of them is the transition from your skirtingboard into your architrave. If you have different and complicated designs on both of them, the styles will crash interrupting the harmony of your room. Square skirtingboards guarantee a smooth transition since they are so simple. This a great choice if you have architraves with round designs.

Low Price, High Quality

It is probably one of the best features of the square skirtingboards. They are made of good wood but because they lack a complicated design, they tend to be cheaper. If you are on a budget but want something that will last longer, square skirtingboards are the way to go.